The Faithful Wounds

Faithful are the wounds of a friend, But the kisses of an enemy are deceitful. Proverbs 27:6
It’s funny this verse has literally taken me forever to write. I had so many ideas that I wanted to put down, yet every time I went to write nothing came out. It wasn’t the lesson the Lord wanted me to get from this verse. He hadn’t taught anything to me yet, I was just going to write something and move on. Yet the Lord had a different plan. He wanted me to actually learn my lesson from this verse. Not just write it to get it done with. 
Now that I have finally sat down and I am 100% sure that the Lord taught me a lesson through this verse. I am ready to share it with you. Correction from a friend, when I elder or parent corrects me I am fine. I take it nicely and then I continue on my way, but change what I was at fault for. I can normally tell that they are there to help me out and that what they are saying is out of love. In those moments I learn from my mistake. 

This is where I go wrong. Correction from a friend. For some reason when a friend tells me I did something wrong, I want to defend myself. I start to get my armor on as a prepare for war against them. That’s not what the Lord wants. Why? Why is there I feeling that don’t have to listen to them? Or that they don’t know what they are talking about. It’s crazy I even have seen myself do it being here while in Cambodia. I want to prove my innocence, and let them know they are at fault for even saying something that ridiculous. Yet, that is not what the Lord wants me to do; that attitude that I have is not one of Christ. My friends knows me best then most adults in my life. I defend myself because it hurts coming from a friend. Coming from someone I trust and that I love, I don’t want to see my wrongs brought up by them. Yet, they are only helping me grow in my walk. Their correction is faithful, though it might hurt. It is better then just hearing what I want to hear. This is the question, now that I know where I am wrong in my attitude towards my friend how do I change it? I literally have learned my lesson in the past week. It’s God’s timing that I didn’t write this until now. 
A: when I am corrected by one of my friends, I will be aware in what my response to them is. 


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